Measuring the Success of Your Launch

Track these key metrics to evaluate adoption and engagement on Workplace.

As an admin, you have access to a wealth of actionable data about your Workplace in the Insights section of the Admin Panel. We’ve pulled together some key metrics you can use to evaluate the success of your launch and ensure the continued health of your Workplace community.
Launch day
Launch day
Key metric: activated
Go to the People tab of Insights to see how many of the people you've invited to Workplace have activated their profiles.
This metric is fundamental for Workplace adoption and you should aim to have 80% or more of all invited people activated on launch day.
You can also do a deeper dive to see activation rates by different segments of your organization such as department, location, manager, and more.
Pro Tip: Run friendly profile activation competitions across regions or departments to boost the number of people on Workplace. You can find more strategies for boosting adoption in this guide.
Key metric: profile pictures
Profile pictures help create a more personal experience on Workplace and people who add them tend to be more active and engaged. You should aim for more than 75% of your organization to have added a profile picture.
You can find the Profile Pictures metric under Profile completion in the People tab.
1 week following launch
Key metric: active on apps and platforms
Scroll down the People tab to find How people are accessing your Workplace. Use this table to track mobile app adoption and compare it to how many people are logging into Workplace from desktop.
Mobile opens up opportunities for people to stay connected and collaborating wherever they are. We find people who use the mobile apps are twice as likely to use Workplace every day.
Pro Tip: Make sure your community knows the Workplace mobile apps exist. Share the following links with all new members:
Key metrics: posts & comments
Go to the Activity tab to analyze content production in your Workplace. Content and conversations are essential to building a more connected community and bringing more people into Workplace. Your weekly posts and comments will depend on the number of people using Workplace at your organization. At a base level, you should expect to see 2 posts per member and 3 comments per member a week.
Do a deep dive to analyze content production across segments of your organization such as regions, departments, and job titles.
One month after launch
One month after launch
Key metrics: monthly active and engaged users
Now that you're a few weeks post launch, it's important to look at how often people are coming back to Workplace and how integrated it is with everyone's regular workflow.
  • Monthly active: The number of people who were active on Workplace in the last 28 days.
  • Engaged:The number of people who were active on Workplace on at least 10 days of the last 28 days. Data shows that 85% of engaged people are still active after 6 months, so this metric is key to assessing the health of your Workplace after launch.
Workplace is all about building a more connected community, and active users are critical to its success. A healthy community will have 60%+ of all members engaged.
You can find monthly active and engaged people in the People tab of Insights in the Admin Panel.
Resources to drive adoption & engagement
Resources to help drive adoption & engagement
It's ok if your numbers aren't quite where they should be immediately after your launch. Check out these resources to help you get more people active and engaged on Workplace: