Workplace Surveys

Check your organization’s pulse and show your people you want to hear from them by sending out short, automated surveys on Workplace.

Get authentic employee feedback with Workplace Surveys

Launch a pulse survey directly on Workplace Chat or email to anyone in your company. Measure how people are really feeling and use feedback to improve their employee experience.

Choose from survey topics

Measure your team’s sentiment on topics like employee satisfaction, intention to stay at the company, and their sense of belonging and fulfillment at work.

Get actionable insights

Access survey results and examine them to easily pinpoint which categories scored favorably and which ones not so much among your employees.

Get fast responses

Send your survey through Workplace Chat, email or via direct link to get responses back fast. And for employee peace of mind, all responses can be anonymous.

Workplace Surveys get to the heart of what’s important to your team

Surveys are a powerful way to discover what your employees are thinking and feeling. With Workplace Surveys, you can show your employees you’re really listening and get actionable insights that improve their employee experience and company culture.

According to the 2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, companies saw a 9.9% increase in retention thanks to better employee experience and sense of inclusion on Workplace. So show your people you truly value their opinion and boost your engagement levels, business performance and employee retention levels with surveys.

Surveys FAQs

System Admins, Content Moderators and customer admin roles with the ‘Manage Surveys’ permission can create a survey by going to ‘Surveys’ from the Workplace Admin Panel. Find out more information in the Help Center.

Select a time period you’d like to run the survey through. This will set a window of time for participants to respond. To set up a recurring survey, click on ‘Recurring to Random Samples’ in the Duration section of the survey-creation flow. Choose the period of time you’d like the recurring survey to run, then define the frequency and response window. Based on your input, a summary will be presented with the average sample size, frequency, number of runs and total count of recipients.

Survey admins will be able to access the survey results from the Admin Panel as well as download the raw data. Survey results are anonymous and results will only show if four or more people completed the survey.

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