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Workplace Events

Broadcast engaging in-person and virtual events to your entire organization and bring people together for key moments, no matter where they are.

Create meaningful company events on Workplace

Hosting events on Workplace is an easy way to keep your company informed. It can also make meetings and town halls more engaging for your whole organization.

Create high-quality virtual events for all

Use the simplified Live Producer user interface to create high-quality live events directly from your computer.

Broadcast your events, your way

Broadcast your virtual event directly into Workplace, or just share a link to a platform of your choice like Zoom, BlueJeans or Webex, so people can join from wherever they are.

Bring everyone together for key moments

Frontline employees don't need a corporate email to join events on Workplace, and everyone has the option to view live broadcasts or watch recordings later.

Make your community more inclusive with Workplace Events

The best companies care about community. Workplace Events helps you gather your people all in one place so everyone feels a sense of belonging, no matter where they are.

Share important content with everyone

It’s super easy to share pre-event, real-time and post-event information with your audience, so that your team stays in the loop with the latest company updates.

Give your event a boost

Crowdsource agenda items from your audience with Polls, increase attendance by enabling the Calendar integration, and use Auto-Translate so everyone’s on an equal footing.

Get to know your audience

Get rich insights into how your event performed, including drop-off graphs that show how many times your video has been watched.

Workplace Events


From your Workplace homepage, click ‘Create’ at the top of the left panel, then ‘Events’. Fill in your name, start date, start time, event cover photo and description, then choose event location from ‘On Workplace’, ‘External Video Call’ or ‘In Person’. If your event is in person, add an address or venue, and if your event is on Workplace, choose who can see it (‘Organization’, ‘Private’ or ‘Group’). Once you’ve chosen your event settings, click ‘Create Event’. Find out more in the Help Center.

Once you’ve created your event, you can add hosts from your Workplace homepage by clicking ‘See More’ in the left panel. Click on ‘Events’, followed by ‘Your Events’ and ‘Invite Hosts’ on the right. Type in the name of the hosts you want to invite and click ‘Done’.

From your Workplace homepage, click ‘See More’ in the left panel, then click ‘Events’, ‘Your Events’, and find the event you’re hosting. Select ‘Invite Guests’ on the right, then click next to the groups of people you want to invite to your event and click on ‘Send Invitations’.

"Students can easily like, comment and share their ideas and opinions in a familiar forum that serves as a virtual community with easy access to our instructors."

Douglas Greene

CEO and Founder, KRE8ivU

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