Effective embedding of community and connection at AB InBev

Anheuser-Busch InBev, aka AB InBev, is a global drinks company and the world’s largest beer brewer. Headquartered in Belgium, the organization operates 28 breweries and exports alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to 150 countries.

Why Workplace?

The flexible and easy-to-use interface of Workplace has allowed AB InBev to build an inclusive, engaging and scalable platform for employees to connect - particularly when they can’t come together in person. This has helped the organization foster productivity, collaboration and motivation throughout the business while also reducing the infrastructure costs of internal communication.

With an international workforce of over 170,000 people, AB InBev wanted to give its people a sense of community and the opportunity to collaborate. Previously, it used multiple communication platforms and strategies that often struggled to keep up with the consistent flow of messages, particularly within the organization’s African offices. Company leaders wanted an engaging, streamlined and mobile-friendly way of communicating with every level of the organization.

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"Our culture is one of the biggest things and ensuring that we keep it alive, whether that’s through real-life interaction or virtual approaches, Workplace is the centre of that."

Kevin McLennan
Channels & Social Manager, AB InBev


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Inspiring a work community

AB InBev has always prioritized its people by introducing initiatives that showcase their work, celebrate their successes and share practical learnings. With more than 170,000 workers on the platform, Workplace posts are now an opportunity for employees to support and uplift each other. The two-way lines of communication also mean leaders can keep a pulse on the organization and directly respond to any concerns.

Saving time while enhancing experiences

Workplace has streamlined AB InBev’s operation at every stage of the business. Leaders can use the platform to facilitate training for existing staff and onboarding sessions for new recruits. Establishing Groups for every program ensures all relevant employees can access the same information, share their own experiences and learn from each other. This systematic and replicable approach frees up leaders’ time, giving them more opportunity to focus on strategic aspects of the business.

A successful virtual onboarding experience

With Workplace, AB InBev is able to keep onboarding fun and engaging. Asking and encouraging questions, providing links to helpful resources, and a follow-up document with important information ensure every new recruit can confidently navigate through the platform. Each new group of onboarding members also has their own friend group to explore Workplace together and share their experiences. Virtual onboarding has proven to be just as effective as the real-life equivalent.

Responsive and remote connection building

As a global company, most AB InBev employees were unable to come together in person during COVID-19. However, Workplace has allowed staff to collaborate and connect virtually around the world. Using Live Video, leaders are able to connect with their teams, present workshops and provide a platform for collaboration between all employees. With Workplace’s Zoom integration, AB InBev was able to stream global events, like their annual sales conference, to their workforce across Africa and Europe. “People were live commenting. It felt like they were there”, says Digital Content Manager Kevin McLennan. As a result, the organization continued operating throughout the pandemic and now has systems to strategically and quickly respond to any changes.

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